Create a Profitable and Remote Job You Love

Dear friend, 

Looking around for advice is a great step. 

You are on an important journey.

Keep it up, soon enough you will get clarity on your purpose and on your lovely dream job. 


"What you seek is seeking you." - Rumi

Graffiti by Vinie in Medellin

Graffiti by Vinie in Medellin

Romina Ressia - Bubble gum

Romina Ressia - Bubble gum

Feeling out of place?

  • You know you need to change what you do for a living, but you're not sure where to start

  • You’re afraid to make the wrong career choice and waste your time and energy. 

  • You doubt if it's even possible to make a living from a job you love, let alone having a positive impact and a great lifestyle 


Want my help to find your dream job in 2019?


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I'm looking for a couple more people to work with me privately and join Natasha and others as success stories.

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Then, if it seems like we might be a fit to work together, you will schedule a strategy session with me.

On this call, you will get clear on what is holding you back to discover your dream job and how to start making real progress.

The reason of having a call with you is to figure out if I am really the best person to help you. But even if I'm not, you will still leave the conversation with more clarity about your next steps.

Please don't apply unless you're an action taker. I am only looking for motivated people ready to invest in taking their life and career to the next level.

So if you feel like we resonate well, please fill out the application below.

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Let me tell you about my client Natasha… 

Natasha & NotaBene.jpg

She left her job as a successful - but burned out - lawyer in Dubai, and she was looking for a meaningful project that would fit her personality and the impact she wanted to make in the world. 

After a few sessions, we confirmed that her initial idea of creating fashion swimwear made sense, but we had to make it unique and linked to the causes she wanted to support. 

It then became clear that she was a role model, supporting women with her unique swimwear collection project, and also supporting them to follow their hearts professionally. 

But don’t take my words for it, hear how Natasha felt about working with me: