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"Discover Your Ideal Career" Mentorship

Get Clear & Confident on Your Professional Purpose


Are you tired of your job?

Do you feel stuck in your corporate career?

You know you need to change what you do for a living, but you're not sure where to start?


If so, you’re not alone.

The great news is that there is a career out there that would suit you perfectly.

Everyone is unique but I fully believe there is a job that fits your skills and lifestyle perfectly.

And when you find it…

  • You finally have clarity and confidence in your professional path

  • You feel excited in the morning

  • What you do is fulfilling and in line with who you really are

Now, you might be wondering is there is even a way to find a meaningful job and lifestyle…

I will tell you that yes, there is.

Keep reading.

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I’m Jonathan Magnin. Just like you, I got stuck for a long time in jobs that didn’t suit me.

Some boring. Some useless. Some badly paid.

The thing is, I’m sometimes stubborn. I spent the last 10 years trying out different careers in different countries and different languages. And I figured out slowly what worked for me.

I learned a lot on the way, and I couldn’t just keep it for myself.

I know YOU can do great things with the right environment, and I don’t want your potential to go to waste because of an inadequate career choice.


Let me introduce you…

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What you will accomplish:

1. We discover what is unique about you and what really matters to you professionally on 12 different levels.

2. Based on your answers from the previous questions, we identify a career aligned with who you really are.

3. We create short and long term goals, so you know exactly what steps to take to create the career you identified. We also cover the creation of the right habits to support this career change.

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What you get during 8 weeks

  • 1 group call of 2 hours per week, during 8 weeks (total: 16h of group coaching)

  • Access to a private community of people with the same goals

  • The sessions will be recorded and made available to you


  • BONUS 1: Private calls.

    You will also get 2x “30 minutes private call” with me. I recommend using them around the end of the program to get my help to create your career from your answers.

  • BONUS 2: Email support.

    I’m here for you. You can email me anytime during the 8 weeks if you feel stuck, and we will figure out together what to do.

You're going to leave the program confident, with a clear picture of the future direction of your career.

You will get a personalized action plan and powerful habits to help you create your new career after the mentorship.


How it works

Discover Your Ideal Career is a system designed to take you from “I’m ready to quit my job but I’m not sure what to do…” to “I feel clear and confident about my future career”.

Each session will last about 2 hours and will be recorded and available to you. A link to join the group call will be sent to you beforehand (no technical skills needed to access it, don’t worry).

There are 3 main parts described below:

  1. You

Sessions 1 to 6 > Questions

I bring you about 100 questions and exercises to define what is really important to you from every angle. We go through this process of self-exploration together and we figure out what makes you feel most alive, what you value the most etc. You get extreme clarity on what you really want.

We also identify and address any blocks or limiting beliefs that might emerge along the way.

2. Your Career

Session 7: Recap Time & Career Creation

Based on your answers from the previous questions, we create career options by putting together the elements that make the most sense to you.

You’re not left alone, I’m here to guide you.

We also look at what working in those areas would actually look like, for you to have a better idea of where you’re going.

3. The Roadmap

Session 8: Roadmap Creation

Now that you are clear on what you want to do, we make a personalized plan together to transition from your situation to your exciting new career.

We do this by first setting a short term and a long term goal, and by creating a system that makes you accountable.

Then we set healthy habits in a powerful morning routine, to keep the momentum of the mentorship going.


Not only a mentorship… a community

This is more than a just a program.

You are about to become part of a small community of people eager to find their ideal career.

On top of myself being here to guide you in this journey, this community will be able to hold you accountable.

You will not only be attending the same group coaching calls, you will also have an online space to exchange insights and support each other.

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I will also pair you with another member so you can connect outside of the group coaching calls.

Plus, what’s better than meeting people with similar goals?! This could turn into friends for life!


But don’t take my words for it…

Hear about my past clients:

Natasha B. - Previously a lawyer in Dubai, now an entrepreneur in the fashion industry. We did a 2-day intensive in 2018.


Alexander Z. - Previously a chef, now soon-to-be social entrepreneur.

We went through the mentorship together in 2019.


Picture this… 

What if in 8 weeks you discover the perfect job for you?

Something you can do remotely, dealing with an audience you love, supporting a cause that makes sense to you and having an overall great feeling about it.

Now let's say we're 6 months in the future… 

Would you be joining a team that does something you'd love to support? 

Would you be buying yourself a plane ticket to go work from your dream country?

Would you be launching your first service on your brand new website? 

These exciting scenarios can be your reality in 2019. 

How much would it be worth to you to have…

- the clarity and confidence that comes from knowing your professional direction

- the peace of mind and no more stress over work

- potentially more money (yes, finding your ideal career often comes with financial benefits)

- a feeling of happiness that spread to your family and your close ones 

Your career investment is a powerful compound interest 

While some will say such a life change is worth millions, let's keep it reasonable :)

However, when you identify a career that resonates with you, over the years you build up on it:

You get better at your job, you build a relevant network and you deeply love what you do for a living. 

This is compound interest at its best because you are not distracted. You don't stop and start over new projects when you get bored and uninspired

You just go.

I want this mentorship to be accessible.

I don't want the price to be a deal breaker, at least this time because it's a beta launch :)

So I will NOT base the price of this mentorship on how much more money and more happiness you are going to get in the next decade - that hopefully will be multiple 6 figures and as many smiles.

Instead, I’m cutting many folds the investment of my private mentorship to propose it at only $397.


Amélia B. - Previously a drop-out student on a dangerous slope, now confident and taking action on her next professional moves.

We went through the mentorship together in 2019.

You can add English caption to this video by clicking on the gear icon, then "English”.


Ready to discover your ideal career?

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Once you make the payment, you will receive a link by email where you can register to the mentorship email list and the private Facebook group. Then I will be in touch with you shortly!

Discover Your Ideal Career Mentorship

Registration only open for a week, maybe less. I'd like to have a group of about 10 people, so when it fills up, I will take the page down. 

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This program is for you if you’re ready to take action and prefer to invest a bit of time, money and energy to get extraordinary results afterwards.

This program is NOT for you if you’re looking for quick and easy results without making any efforts.



When does the program starts?

It will start the week of April 22nd.

We will decide together which day will be the best fit for our weekly sessions.

If I'm unhappy with the program, can I get a refund?

I would never want you to be unhappy with your purchase. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, contact me in the first 14 days and I'll give you a full refund. Beyond the 14 day mark, there will be no refunds issued.

Why is this important now?

If you really want a life that exceeds your expectations, you can’t ignore your career as it plays a central part of your life.

The "one-career-life" is over, but now that we have all this technology and freedom, we also get bombarded by distractions and we often get analysis paralysis.

With this program we are building the foundation of your future high performance and well-being in many areas. We go back to basics with this mentorship - which is YOU - so you can make the professional decisions that will impact your whole life with confidence.

How is this different from other career change programs?

Most career coaches aim to get you a corporate job. They expect you to do interviews, get a job in an office and work for someone else.

While it's something you can choose to do, this mentorship program is more focused on creating your own online business having clients remotely, instead of getting a traditional job in a company.

As you will get enough clarity about yourself and your new professional direction by the end of the program, you will be able to go ahead and start your own online business if this is your wish.

We will identify a job that makes sense to you on 12 different levels, which you won’t find anywhere else as I created this system based on my journey and experience.

How many hours do I have to commit to get the best out of this program?

Group coaching calls last about 2 hours, once a week. You will also get 2 times a 30 minutes private call with me around the end of the program to help you put everything together and discover a great career fit.

Some homework would be necessary but shouldn't be overwhelming, if you add another 2h a week you should be set. So giving consistently 4 hours of your time each week to this program should get you solid results.

You will get materials to help you organize your "brain dumping" sessions.

Keep in mind that this is an investment that will save you a lot of time. Imagine finally pursuing a professional direction that makes sense to you, knowing that you won't need to stop, change career again, learn new skills and start over.

How much time would that save?

I'm not sure I will find time for this program

I hear you, life gets busy! However at the beginning of this program, we will make space in your agenda using various methods - even if you think it's not currently possible.

We will create 4h/week for this program and some more :)

What if I don’t have Facebook?

It’s not a deal breaker, you will still be able to access every group and individual coaching sessions as they won’t happen on Facebook but on Zoom (you will receive a simple link to click on, nothing to install).

You will also be able to send me direct emails if you feel stuck.

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Click the “Purchase” button below to register to the full program and bonuses.

Discover Your Ideal Career Mentorship

Registration only open for a week, maybe less. I'd like to have a group of about 10 people, so when it fills up, I will take the page down. 

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A few more testimonials from my past clients...



Consultant in social entrepreneurship and innovative companies in São Paulo, Brazil.

Carolina Fuga.jpeg

"Jonathan's consultancy was more than a professional and brand development process, but a process of self-awareness and alignment with my purpose. 

With his support, we worked to identify the best ways to express my values and differentiation into the construction of my website and the set up of the best marketing practices. 

I also attended his workshop and it certainly was a big step for the development of my brand."



Chef. She creates gastronomic content (courses, workshops, online videos) and regularly participates on Brazilian TV shows. 

Paula Belleza.jpeg

"Jonathan helped me a lot to change the structure of my website to bring more clarity on the product and services I'm offering.

This has been very illuminating on how I should organize my work to improve my online sales, and how to find a new audience.

I loved his way of working with trust and honesty.

I feel confident to follow the next steps."



Marketing Graduate and entrepreneur in Florida, USA.

Mitchell Sisto.jpeg

"I met Jonathan while traveling in Medellin, Colombia.

Lucky I did, because his coaching and advice has proved more valuable than gold.

Prior to meeting him, I had a vague idea of the digital business I wanted to start, but had absolutely no clue where to begin. Within a short time sitting with him, along with plenty of suggestions, corrections, tips and guidance, I started to see a solid business plan come to fruition.

Now, back home, I have a legitimate game plan and strategy to move forward with.

Jonathan is the real deal, he has been successfully living the life of a digital nomad for quite some time now, and is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the industry/lifestyle as a whole.

Highly recommended! Thanks again, I look forward to working with you again some time soon."